ACTIVITIES (listed alphabetically)

Amazing Butterfly – Metamorphosis Simulation!

Bees! Hardworking PD (Pollination Department) Workers! A Relay Race

Butterflies: Garden Earth’s Beautiful Pollinators!

Finding Food in a Pretty Package

Flower Poets

GEN Journaling: My Life as a Pollinator!

How Plants Communicate!

Human Cameras

Monarch Journey

One, Two, Three: A Beetle, A Butterfly, A Bee!
Flower Observation and Insect Pollinator Count

Parts of a Flower

Pollination Discovery Course

Pollinators on the Move!

REFLECTION: One, Two, Three… Pollination Words

Suga and Her Six B’s: Puppet Show

The Pollination Department on our Site!

Discovery Hunts

Welcome to the Pollination Department! PowerPoint