PEST ACTIVITIES (listed alphabetically)

Are you a pest?

Bat and Moth

Biodiversity – How it Stops Disease from Spreading!

Biological Control Gone Bad! Story of the Cane Toad

Build Your Own Insect!

Biodiversity Survey – Insect Counts on Vegetation

Discoveries with Sweep nets

GEN Journaling: Invasion!

Harry Hedgehog Gets a Job!

I am an Insect!

Insect Communication: Termites

Journaling: Hard Working Insects


Look Before You Leap! Pitfall Traps

(Pest Control Standards check Activity)

Match the Insects

Meet the Invertebrates Puppet Show!

Native and Alien Plant Species

Predators, Parasites, Parasitoids and Pathogens

REFLECT: ‘Fly on the Wall’
The Pest & Disease Control Ecoservice

The Trial of Mitsy-Bitsy Mosquito
A Puppet Show or Dramatization

Unwanted Guests: Aliens on Your Site!
Surveying Invasive Exotic Plant Species

(Pest Control Standards check Activity)

Weeds vs. Bugs

Welcome to the Pest & Disease Control Department


Who Am I? A Game of Clue!

Who Eats What? Mouthparts and Meals

Who is an Insect?

Who Wants to be Eaten? Invertebrate Defenses