BIODIVERSITY ACTIVITIES (listed alphabetically)

A Line Transect Surveying Biodiversity on your Club Site
(A GEN Eco- Standards Check Activity)

Biodiversity Counts!

Biodiversity is Amazing! Discovery Hunts on your site

Biodiversity Survey – Bird Counts

Biodiversity Survey – Insect Counts on Vegetation

Biomes: What and Who Lives Where?

Candy Bar Dissection

Ethnobotany Bingo

Ethnobotany PowerPoint


Introducing Biodiversity

Journaling: Plants Around the World!

Medicinal Plant Scavenger Hunt

REFLECT: Drawing while Reflecting about Biodiversity

REFLECT: Graphing while Reflecting about Biodiversity

The Consequences of Wild Collecting: How harvesting native plants affects their wild populations

Warning Labels

Welcome to the Biodiversity Department! PowerPoint

Who and What Lives Here? Biodiversity Plot Sampling